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With the Holidays coming up fast it would be prudent to write up a dozen drafts for each of your blogs ahead of time.  Then every other day or so you can publish a draft to keep your blog alive and well while you go about visiting with family and friends during the holiday season taking a well-earned vacation at the same time. 

As I have said before, I have eight blogs and two websites and I work about 14 hours a day just on them plus I have to cook meals and keep house, grocery shop, and do all the other things women do.

And I do it all with this handicap:  when you work at home family does not see it as work per se and will interrupt you with 'emergencies' often.   And I am easily interrupted since my office is in the living room and kitchen.  Computer in living room and writing table in kitchen.  That is why my favorite hours to work are from midnight to six a.m. 


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