Start with Google

There are so many helpful ways to get your blog noticed now.  I used to have to study how to use keywords, even how to find out what my keyword should be and it took a good week of research. 

But now I just do everything with Google and I am happy with that.  Google gives its AdSense users plenty of statistics and information about their blogs and websites so all problems can be worked out.  

The best way to get started Blogging for Money is to register with Google.  Google does not know I'm even saying this and I am not getting paid anything to say it.  I do believe it is true however.  Anyone just starting to learn how to blog for income need only go to Google.  Google now owns Blogger, FeedBurner, offers graphs and analytic tools free to users, and has the best training videos I've seen online and again all of it is free.


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