Blog Success Starts with Self

Designing a Blog Site

  • The title of each post should capture the essence of your blog.
  • If you use an image on a blog post be sure to use keywords in the ALT text area and always use ALT text.  Search engine cannot read an image but they can read the ALT text.
  • Visit sites similar to your own and learn from what you see there. If you like the way it looks, study it until you know exactly why you like it and then use what you learn on your own site.
  • Visit all links on sites similar to your own and try to link with them also.
As you and I design our blog sites we will keep these axioms in mind:
  • Stay focused like a laser beam on your topic.
  • Write short but informative posts ahead of time so we are never forced to publish crap.

  • Be true to yourself as you create your blog
  • Then and only then can you be true to your visitors


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