Laptop Desktop and Blackberry

Write something at least once a day in each of your blogs so search engines know your blog is happy and alive. One or two paragraphs is sufficient. Stay with one topic also and repeat the main keywords at least seven times. 

Blog writing is not for the faint of heart. Blog income is earned, not given out for no reason. I write my blogs only about twice a week, which is decent, but writing in a blog daily is best. I'm not working myself hard enough although I am working online nearly 14 hours a day now. 

I sleep when I can no longer remain awake and then I sleep until I wake up naturally.  I sleep daytime best and love working from midnight to six in the morning.  No one interrupts me.  I can concentrate and do so much more than during the daytime hours when phones ring, people talk to me, cooking has to be done.

Am I an addict.  No, but I am desperate enough to feel my whole mission is to make a go of making money online to save us during the coming few years when no other jobs will be available.

My wish list now includes wanting a laptop and a blackberry so I can work anywhere.


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