Internet Income Babies

As long as I write in my blogs and websites daily (not an easy task), I've noticed my income from the blogs doubling each month. Even though the total income is only $300 a month now, I can see the daily totals indicating that it will be $500 in a few months. 

Writing a blog is the easy part of the online income from blogs.  Affiliate codes have to decided upon and then added, again not that hard really but time consuming.  Then there is going out to get your traffic by joining forums, skating along on blogs and making comments when allowed, and anything else you can do to get your link known.

It's simular to raising a child.  When he or she is a newborn, we must do everything for the baby to help it thrive but as it grows older, the child can do some things for him/herself.  Blogs are like that to.


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