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My blogs must be about things I am passionate about. I have not been passionate about my blog about writing blogs but am now. I must earn a living, a living that I can continue to do in my older years and since writing is my main arena of communication, maintaining blogs is the answer.

To date I have set up and designed six blogs and two websites. If you're in the dark about blogs or don't feel passionate about what your blog is about, delete it. That's what I'm going to do with one of my blogs. Delete it.

I don't look forward to writing on it. I find the subject matter too demanding and not on a topic I can get passionate about so I'm deleting it. I need blogs about topics that bring in visitors and good ads while simultaneously firing me up inside when I write on it.

The supernatural fires me up. Mystery fires me up. Self Discovery really fires me up. Observations of animals fires me up.


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