Blogging Full Time

I have six blogs active and two websites active. It has taken several years to get one of the websites up to over 200,000 visits per month. All of my blogs are what I would call fairly new, about six months old. The other website is over ten years old but the subject is so specialized (Ozark history), traffic will likely never get high.

One thing I do like about all eight sites is that I enjoy writing about each of the subjects. This blog is about something I am not an expert on yet. Blogs and the possiblities they present is a growing phenomenon. The plus for me is that I am a writer so writing in a blog daily comes naturally to me.

If you are not a prolific writer, creating blogs and maintaining them would be difficult. But if you have the gift of gab, translate that quality into typing the words instead of saying them, and suddenly you're a writer. It's that easy. Or you can talk and let someone else type what you say into your blog. Or get the software that types while you talk and use that.


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