Find Niche and Succeed

It's still early in the game on this particular blog about publishing for profit from home and I need to find the one niche in the home publishing business that excites me and makes me eager to write and share the information. I have been doing this for over twenty years -- started back in 1984. At that time I had two young children and a DOS operating system computer and a simple line fed printer. I leased a copy machine that could enlarge and reduce. All layout was done by using scissors, scotch tape or glue, a light table which was my kitchen table with the leaf out and a big lamp on the floor underneath it. I created and published Writer's Guidelines, a magazine for writers and editors.

Today it is so easy to make publications at home that I wonder why more people are not doing it. Then I realized it is easy for me because I inched my way into the business one new computer at a time with software upgrades as I went. So maybe it is not easy.

Which brings me once again to my dilemma. Where to begin. I wish I already had an audience so I could get some feedback and answer questions. Maybe I'll go looking for some folks to join this blog.


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