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Welcome to my kitchen which is my writing studio. You are looking in the kitchen through a window on the screen porch. I spend each morning sitting at the table looking out at the woods and bird feeders and wildlife with only one or maybe two cars going up the gravel road to disturb my thinking.

I am a writer and editor but not a very good one unless I get fired up and so far I am not fired up because I can't feel my audience -- no, I am not fired up because I have not decided who my audience is.

I want my audience to be . . . . good question. Who do I want this blog to be of interest to? Not a question I should even ask. I need to narrow things down and focus on one thing -- writing little books that can be published in home and sold online or in grocery stores in my larger neighborhoods. I need to focus on this because this is what I intend to do.

To keep expenses and prices down, format must be half-size (8.5x14 paper folded in half, stapled in center with a cover stock cover). Subject: whatever subject is of great interest to me at this time -- what am I most interested in at this time? chickens. Must have a burning desire to research and write about my topic. I dearly love our chickens and can easily write a humor story or how-to or children's book with chickens as the topic.

Each Little Book will have 36 or 40 or 44 pages and an attractive but inexpensive, home-published cover. Each Little Book can easily sell for $4.50 (estimated selling price) with the store getting 20% of the asking price. After my expenses (legal-size white paper, toner, labor, postage), I'll make $2 profit on the sale of each Little Book. Cookbooks can sell for twice what a children's book can sell for, and local history books (very local) can sell for $5.

I am still too fuzzy in my focus to draw in a readership and I know it. But the process itself should help someone someday if they ever happen upon this blog.


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