Children Editors

I must keep in mind and so should you that this is a journal of learning and doing. If we work together we will both have a manuscript ready to publish at some point in time. I am excited about writing a children's book so that will be my goal. You might get excited about writing a a different kind of book so that will be your goal.

I have three grandchildren who love books, especially when I read one to them at bedtime. After I tuck them in, I sit on the bed and read tot hem. However, I discovered that it was more fun to create a short little story myself (that way I could rest my eyes). To my surprise, they liked the stories I created.

They laughed, they cared about the characters, and sometimes they asked to hear the same story again. Therefore, step one must be to make up a story and tell it to your children or grandchildren and see how they react to it. If it's a good story, they'll let you know. If it is not good, they let you know that also.


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