Publish Childrens Books

I am starting a blog about publishing for people who know nothing about how one gets started publishing a book. I am interested in this project because besides myself, both my daughter and my granddaughter are interested in writing stories for children. As I start this blog and as I type this entry I don't even know enough to ask questions.

Well, I do have a few questions. For instance,

  1. Do I provide pictures or drawings to illustrate my story or will the publisher do that?
  2. Suppose I never find a publisher, can I just buy a carton of paper and cover stock and publish it myself?
  3. If I did make my own books, how would I sell the little children's books?
This blog is going to be my journal as I learn all that stuff and you are welcome to drop in anytime to see what I've learned each day or week.


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Thank you for your questions and comments. Much appreciated. Susan

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