Writers Block is Fear of Unknown

If you have ever plumped down in your chair holding all the material you need in order to write up a storm and then just sat there frozen, feeling blank and dumb and useless, then you are experiencing something all writers have experienced.  We call it Writer's Block.

The way I got over that feeling was to get it in my head that I could write anything, gibberish, if that is what I felt like doing. I could make a list of things I'd like to write about but I had to do one thing: no matter what I wrote it was going to be crumpled up and tossed on the floor and no one would ever see it.

Try it. Write anything you want even if it is a children's story. Let yourself go crazy, no holds barred. Smile. It doesn't matter what you write because, guess what, when you're done, you can throw it away. I start literally everything I write with that attitude. Writing is easy for me now.

I usually do throw my first draft away anyway. But that draft gets my head thinking in the right direction and whether it takes two drafts to do that or twenty drafts, I always know when the piece is perfect. 

My heart flutters a bit and I feel satisfied. But until that moment, it's rough to say the least. Persistence is the key to success. I've heard that all my life, we all have, and it took decades of persisence to make me realize that old saying is as true as the sky is blue.


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