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This blog-thing is growing exponetially around the Internet and possibly has already taken on a life of its own.  I want to be a part of it.  I want to see how I measure up to the best.  So I typed in "famous bloggers" in Google and I was directed to

In this article, Nick Douglas (writes for Blogebrity and has his own vLog Look Shiny), talks about how famous Jeff Jarvis and Nick Denton are yet I've never heard of them until I read that article.  But I'm going to share those names with you today because those two guys certainly must know what they are doing to rise to the top of this heap of blogs online right now.

Actually many popular or well-known bloggers got well-known before they became bloggers.  If you are not already well-known then grit your teeth and knuckle down to work hard to get traffic to your blog.   Got get your traffic, five or ten per day and if your blog is good, they will tell someone else about your blog plus they may even come back to your blog again.


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