Beware of Vampire Links

I have been studying about SEO (search engine optimization) all day and came across some interesting new SEO developments. From what I gather SEO practices are going to have to rely upon telling their clients that the number one SEO technique is to build a useful and interesting website. That is very good news to a lot of hard working webmasters who have been doing that all along.

Google wants its search engine to pull up quality websites not websites with thousands of links pointing to them even though they are scum sites. So link exchanges with other sites is no longer as crucial as it once was. From what I've learned today, one strong relevant link pointing to your site is worth its weight in gold right now.

Our project car website must be hemorrhaging severely at this time since I have pointed to hundreds of other sites and very few point back to me and they are of less rank than my site. I believe that out linking from my site makes my visitors stay more rewarding so I will keep those live links out to other sites. The common philosophy right now at SEO think tanks is 1) quality site 2) one or two strong relevant links pointing to target site 3) no links pointing away from target site.

I think they are wrong for this reason: On my site I have several live links out per page -- links going to sites that might help my visitor find what they are looking for. Sometimes I can get those sites to back link to my site but I leave the link there either way.

This will be a difficult decision to make. My visitors have always come first on my site -- can I remove all those helpful links just to improve my page rank? I'll have to do some research and see if I can keep the links but stop loosing page rank because of it.

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