Started Experiment to Post Twice Week

Amazing but true -- post to your blog and it doesn't really matter what your subject is except that you must truly be interested in it -- and if you have Google Ad Sense ads on your blog, you will start making money.  Not fast money but slow money that will build up over time if you just keep writing and posting.

Say this to yourself in a mirror each morning (it works for me) 'I will post to each of my blogs today and what I post will be worth posting.'  Then go have coffee and start your day doing whatever you do each day. At some point in the day you will be drawn to write a post to your blog; a post interesting to you and therefore to others around the world.

If you have to try to make what you write interesting to others then delete it.  It will not be interesting to other unless it is interesting to you.  100% guaranteed to work.


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